*Hey! Say! JUMP members co-star in drama special*

Hey! Say! JUMP members Yuto Nakajima, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, and Daiki Arioka will co-star in an NTV drama special this April, titled “Sensei wa Erai!”

Nakajima, Chinen, and Arioka play three useless students at a public junior high school. At first, they find their homeroom teacher dull and bothersome, but an incident leads them to take a liking to him. Along with their former classmate (Yamada) who now attends a private school, the students unite to transform their teacher into a respectable guy.

The actor playing the teacher has not yet been revealed. Filming will start in mid-March, with broadcast planned for an unspecified date in April.


yay!! i was like woah.. i was really .. really happy when i hear abt this… *-* cant w8 lah.. for this… hmmm… d storyline is like of gokusen hihihihihi…. well thats just me or wut nee… but for wut is it… cant w8… and i hope this will be uploaded so0n…


*-* wooot!!!-*–*