HEADER display..  PAGE!

tell me which banner you want to be placed on top of out site..!! here are some of my works using Photostudio 2000 .. hihihihihi…. not much of a Adobe fun ei… i can say that pix made/edit from Adobe are really kawaii …

1. yamap.jpk


 2. yamap101.jpk [edited] – smaller ver.

3. matsujun.jpk [blue ver. black border]

4. matsujun101.jpk [blue ver. soft edge!]


hmmmm…  this is all ive made so far..!! well you can post all your works of banner for our site..!! POST EM… and well rank them off here… and see who won be placed on the header..!! of this site!! ..~~~~  ganbatte ne minnna-san…

and i also welcome our members who would like to post thier art works here.. doesnt matter.. what it is… it would be much appreciated lah…  *-* 😛

welcome and enjoy ur stay while u post… hihihihihi …

WELCOME “U” *-* ALL HERE!! our dear designers and artist!!

*-* kampiiiiii~~*-*

*-* sh0w some jpop-LUVBB!!! *-*

zutto – errrr – take care.. jaa ne…