yay!! … yamamoto ryosuke of hanazakari no kimitachi e is having a new dorama called “PUZZLE” to be shown on Apr. 2008. there is still no specific date when this will be shown… *-* , this will be shown every friday @ 9pm on TV- Asashi.. *-*

wo0t~~ cant w8 lah… really.. *jinksz!* super kawaii apr. is.. can contain myself to many stuff to watch ouf fot on Apr. … wonder if i could kEep up ei minna-san…


and oh yeah… “PUZZLE” has its first ver. on CR .. so the one that yama-cha will be starring is something like a recap or wut..?? 😛 neither i cant w8.. *-*


* puzzle* link to CR first series!


** next will be Gokusen 3

wonder wut it would be like??

and to the sensai wo erai HSJ mamba*-* cast!!


ganabarimassu!!! 😀 😀