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hear minna- i heard/read that….

yamashita tomohisa was mobbed in KOREA during his free time.. he was in korea for a private nd short trip with his frens and manager , hours before departure a leaked on the net says that 1000 fans showed up.. at Ginko Airport.. and the news says that the airport didnt have enough security so he got mobbed [ outch.. !! 😦 hope his fine!!~~ ] and he got his shirt torn and someone threw a gift{curious o_0] and got hit on the head..!! [double outch] ~~~ \o/ …

he says that his head got pulled out [what???!] and have some injuries on his body but pi-chan keeps on saying that its alright! but he was shocked and apparently everyone started to swear at the fans but pi-chan did’nt… [ yes!  so ko0L ] even oh hectic chaos.. he tried to help a fan who fell.. and still show his proffessionalism by waving his hand.. [ owww… so kawaii 🙂  ..:)

happy.. even though something happen like that he knows how to carry himself.. and not wanting for his fans to get hurt.. [ touch ] and everyone says that this also happens with arashi who came to korea for a concert .. that they also got mobbed by fans..!! haiZZ… yeah,.. thats right pi-chan.. ganbatte….!!!

 credits @ http://community.livejournal.com/news_jpop/2325690.html?thread=23902394