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♥♥ ~ smooth czhesZZ… ~~ ©

hi to all… heres  some pic of JIN from some concert….enjOy….. kyaaAA~~ its been such a long time since i post something  here.. im was so busy with school.. like normal student..[ahahaha~].. and poor me.. i was hoPing my class wont start for another month… [i wish~ ]hehehehehe… but i gueSS.. thats pretty much stupit to do so.. ~ lo0l.. anyway.. im crazy now.. and omg~! anyone here watching D COOLEST anime of 2007? VAMPIRE KNIGHT… amazing huh? ♥♥

hu do u think will win? kaname or zero? for me i say zero is kool.. but i LOVE kaname more… *sad* that yuuki and kaname are siblings but i guess it is okey for them to marry.. after  all.. pureblooded vampire are allowed to enter marry… heheehhe… *smiles* and thank U.. i was really sad wen i found out that they r brothers… but i jumped out of my bed several times wen i heard a post on www.crunchyroll.com [where i watch VK] says that its alright… yay!!!

anyway.. as ive said… here are some PICS of JINJIN from the recent kattun concert…. the bakaness… ow~~ i LUV ♥.. and YOU as well…. xd,..^^

*peace* and enjoY…♥

credits to meg @ multiply♥