wow…~~~ reALLy?? i never thought that aya nee-chan really realized that only now? omg~! should i pity her? (PEACE *-* ) TnT ,.. BUT anyhow..? jins voice is really kawaii.. and someone really must upload this… press conference… i wanna see ueto aya really saying this stuff.. same as i wanna see jin’s expression upon knowing aya nee-chan’s comment.. omg~! this is really kool… 

 orig POST FROM D SITE says:
Akanishi Jin (23) of popular group KAT-TUN and Ueto Aya attended the Speed Racer press conference on 30th June 2008 in downtown Tokyo; the movie is to be released on the 5th of July, this saturday.Akanishi did the Japanese voice-over for lead actor Emile Hirsch’s (23) role, who was also present at the conference. “He is kakkoii, and exactly what Speed is. I’m very happy that he did (the voice over) naturally.” Akanishi Jin appeared to get along well with Hirsch and also conversed fluently in English with him.Ueto Aya, who did the part of Akanishi’s/Hirsch’s lover in the show commented that Akanishi’s sexy voice and acting skills were very enjoyable. A slightly flushed Akanishi responded that it was very kind of Ueto to make such a comment.
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