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hello minna-sAn.. nakama, senpai, family ei.. ahahaha.. at lonG lAst i couLd post on to thiS blog agaIn after several weekS of being not so active.. lately i never realize that being such an officer such as a senator will be this hard and tiring ne..? 😀 but never though that it woulD be thiS so muCH fuN and excitiNg.. ahaha~ and weLl you Get to boSS aroUnd UR co-stuDenTs.. [never done that.. 😦 ] sadly.. ahahaha~ .. so anywAy whilE i wAs br0wSing i FOUnd oUt abt NEWS latest single called “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” … and likee “weeeek” thiS PV has soMEthiNg to do wif animatioN agaIN.. althought for thE go0dNess..~~ thet R reAlly so so so so so… kawaiiiiiiiiii … :D:D ahahahaha..~ *kilig to d bonEs ei.. haha~* and omg!! ho0rAy foR tegOooo.O.. lupH him nyA… and kEi as uSuAl… drEammyyyyyyy ….

… so any wAy.. hereS the VId.. hopE u ENjoY as mUch AS i did…(‘\o/’) …

…. goSH…~~~

i w0ulD loUVEe to.0 hAvE thAt kitCHEn.. ahahaha.. i W0uLD be glAd to driNk winE with tegopichiii chan .. hihihi  eat chicken with kei-chan … takEs pictuRe wif shige.. [omg~!!] yEah.. im loVing thiS… happy birthday to all You  outtaa there…. nakama… anD tAkee caRee of plAntS with massu (letS protEct the enVIroNmeNt…) or receive flowers frOM pi..,likEe everyDay… [grabeHH n 2.. nosebleeEddd..!!] and LikEE received giFts froM ryo-chAn.. ahahaha.. to all my friends out there who is celebrating their bestieee dayyy~ thiS soNg iS beSt suitEs UU..

kimi no hAppy birthdAy,… 😉

~miniii terebi~ NEWS_pagE

HAPPY BDAY [Limited Edition]


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