omg!! i cant believe thiS…!!! this gotta be just a mistake ei…

Wang Biho, a comedian from KBS’ Gag Concert complained that TVXQ fans have to buy one album per person.

Aired last 21st (the same day of TVXQ’s Showcase) Wang Biho said that “We know today TVXQ fans care about the comeback” he began. “TVXQ’s fans move if TVXQ moves but you can’t buy 100, 000 albums?”, and he added “do not buy your favorite singer’s album?”

Honestly, he should get his facts right. The album hasn’t been released yet, and pre-orders don’t count to the album sales yet because well, IT IS PRE-ORDERS. But on the other hand, this just makes it looks like TVXQ are not the untouchable celebrities anymore.”

credits: asianfanatics
source: mirotic