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“waraenai” IDOL learned 2 smile?!?! … wow!! .. now as you can see,,.. ever since we knowed pi.. he desnt smile really if the situation/acts/ or stuff isnt funny or to be laugh at. even on fanfics written by various fans there seems to be that read where in he just smile like smile naturaly?! .. but hell! he’s juSt as gorgeous as hell! .. not as kame offcourse.. <33…> so… later this almoSt moRning time… ahahaha~ .. while i was searching for new stuff, .. ive found something really interesting in one of my friends from multiply.com … (jam) .. anoo.. the first word that capture my eyes is owarenai.. well, the only person who is being called as that is pi so.. ahahaha~!! .. but later as i read through her post.. i found out that pi really did smile in some of his photosho0t!.. the photographer asked him to smile, he said he cant smil.. ahahah~! [is that even possible??] well, where talking abt yamap here…. so the photographer then asked again why not? well, he just answered he cant smile coz its not funny.. again he was asked and he said nothing is funny without jin … wow!! … arent they are really true kawaii friends… im really glad@… that two of my most fav is that caring and so reminded of each other… xDD~! ….

ahahah!!… yoUve noticed that this is the first time ive written this long!!.. ahahaha..

goSh… ! _@

xDD~!! ……

omg~!! … now u can see a latest from pi smilling.. hehehehe…. here..

what do you all think?! …kawaiiiiii

ahhh~~~~~~~~…. whEn i saw thiS.. its likee.. omg~!! …. seems like theres a NEW BEGGINING FOR YAMAPI..!! … ho0rayy!!!~!!

[ credits to jam @ multiply… ] – arigaTouuu…