The complete viewership numbers for the 59th Kohaku Uta Gassen were announced on Monday. This year, the highlight of the show was the “baka trio” Shuchishin, who drew in the largest audience of the night.

The group, which includes rising star Yusuke Kamiji, appeared on stage during the second half of Kohaku, accompanied by their corresponding female trio Pabo. Viewership was at 41.6% when they made their entrance, but it quickly rose and peaked at 47.8%.

The popular unit SMAP, who have had the highest ratings for the last three Kohaku competitions, had to settle for only 42.8% ratings this time. Meanwhile, Ayumi Hamasaki did well for an opening act with 31.8%, compared to previous years, such as Morning Musume in 2007 (26.2%).

Besides Shuchishin, four other artists exceeded 45% – Kobukuro, Akiko Wada, Kiyoshi Hikawa, and newcomer Jero.

The highest ratings of the night came twenty minutes before midnight, during the ending video segment that featured all of the artists. Ratings peaked at 50.0%, a mark that has not been reached since 2003.

credits: mTv @ multiply