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[29.01.2009] Ella receives present, Wu Zun is included

Sometimes, the reason there is rumour between a couple is because of promotional purposes. If it is not true, rumours will fade off eventually. However, the longer the rumour is able to sustain itself; it means that the rumour could have been true. Another way to find out whether a rumour is true is to observe the fans. The fans will follow the idols everywhere at anytime, even closer to them than the reporters. Hence, if the fans openly discuss about their rumoured couple’s accessories, the chances of them not being real couple are very little.

An example would be Wu Zun and S.H.E’s Ella. Although their collaboration for HYSNSN had ended for two to three years, their fans still believed strongly in their rumour-turned-true relationship. After their collaboration, they have also produced many love dramas/works, and also had new rumours with their new partners, but the fans still recognised the two of them as the one for each other. When S.H.E came to Hong Kong to promote their new album, SoSo host went to visit them. She discovered quite a number of fans gave presents to Ella, indicating, [To: Wu Zun and Ella]! Although after receiving the presents, she looked awkward and smiled, she never corrects the fans in time. Hence this rumour between them really gives people a space for imagination!

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