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KAT-TUN fans, here are the details on their 10th single at long last!

“RESCUE” is going to be released in three different editions, and each one will include a little something that neither of the others has. Is your wallet crying yet?

The first limited edition includes the songs “RESCUE” and “7 DAYS BATTLE”, plus a DVD with the music video and making-of for “RESCUE”. A second limited edition includes only one CD with three songs: “RESCUE”, “7 DAYS BATTLE” and “On Your Mind- please come back to me-“. Finally, the regular edition includes “RESCUE” and “7 DAYS BATTLE”, as well as the voiceless instrumental tracks of each song.

B-side and bonus track:

* “Rescue” companion song “On Your Mind” is indeed an answer to “One Drop” ‘s “On My Mind”

* “7 Days Battle” is indeed a song related to the 7 Days in Tokyo Dome Concerts