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– Small Description of upcoming B-side single “7 Days Battle” related to “Domucon”

“7 Days Battle is particularly intense:

oretachi wa idomu

denkai wo kakete. ai wo chikai yo

( we challenge

breaking limits, pledge for love)”


– Today the first instructions regarding 7 DITD or “Domucon” have reached JE club members.

– And keeping up with “Domucon” in this last issue of “You & J” (bulletin about KAT-TUN, Kanjani 8 and NEWS) that has reached JE club members there was enclosed a cute surprise, KAT-TUN sent their fans a paper with a ship on it and on each sail a message from them thanking the fans letters supporting them about “Domucon”

Special message

The letters from everyone
Reached KAT-TUN!
Because now there’s a concert
All the members wrote a reply!

Kamenashi Kazuya

Thanks for the letters.
On the week of lives in the Tokyo Dome
I want to enjoy together with all of you.

On NTV’s drama『Kami no Shizuku』(every week’s Tuesday from 22:00)
Take care of me too!!

Akanishi Jin

Thanks for the letters,
From now on too, please take care of me.

And come to
Our concert!!
Peace out “Jin”

Taguchi Junnosuke

Thanks for the letters,
As I want to have good memories to remember the 7 days,
Please come without fail.
From now on take care of me.

Taguchi Junnosuke

Tanaka Koki

Thanks for the letters!
I want to see everyone
I wonder where I could meet you
That’s right! Go to the Tokyo Dome!!
Come because I’m doing my best!

By Koki Tanaka

Ueda Tatsuya

Thanks for the letters
In those seven days, I want to meet everyone together with a smile. ❤
Without fail, come to enjoy ❤


Nakamaru Yuichi

Are you fine?
This time I have a pleasant notice
I wrote a letter,
This time, it has been decided for us
to have lives 7 consecutive days in Tokyo Dome
without fail, all of you please come to enjoy this show
I’m looking forward to it.

Nakamaru Yuichi

On TBS’ drama 『RESCUE』 (every week’ Saturday from 19:56) too
Please take care of me.