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Another Johnny’s Jimusho group takes the #1 position this week in Japan. This week’s new CD single debut Wednesday in Japan actually has a single from last week, which is the Arashi/Kenta Yano starring Satoshi Ohno CD single which was last weeks #1 which has dropped to #5. Also, this was a first time a Tohoshinki CD single (although a pre-release CD single) has went up against a Johnny’s Jimusho group in some time. Tohoshinki takes the #3 spot. So, far 2009 has shown that certain Johnny’s Jimusho groups have staying power in the top 10. So, far it’s been tough for any major artist in Japan to have the staying power the following week. As certain label reps in Japan have told us, because of the mobile digital sales, sales of what is sold digitally via mobile is taking a chunk on physical CD sales. We were told that Oricon is currently working on a Digital Mobile daily ranking.

1. KAT-TUN – Rescue
2. Yusuke – Himawari
3. Tohoshinki – Survivor -090325 4th Album “The Secret Code” Pre-Release Single-
4. GReeeeN – Setsuna
5. Arashi/Kenta Yano starring Satoshi Ohno – Believe/Kumori Nochi Kasei
6. Berryz Kobou – Dakishimete Dakishimete
7. Ryu Si Won – Cafe Wonderland
8. Toshihide Baba – Sekaijyu no Answer
9. Kusuo – Sakura Michi/Kumo no Ue no Kimi to (epilogue)
10. Megumi Nakajima – Nostalgia