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On Wednesday, Asmik Ace revealing their upcoming lineup of films, with most of the attention going to the announcement that Inio Asano’s popular manga “Solanin” is being adapted as a live-action movie, starring Aoi Miyazaki.

The manga, which was serialized from 2005 to 2006, revolves around a young office worker named Meiko (Miyazaki) and her part-timer boyfriend Nario (Kengo Kora). The two live together, though Meiko is the one providing the real financial support. Nario is the vocalist of an amateur band, and Meiko tries to get him to take a professional music career more seriously. However, they both struggle to find their places as adults.

“Solanin” is being directed by Takahiro Miki, who is better known for making music videos.

Filming starts on April 25. One scene features Miyazaki’s character performing on stage, so she has been training in guitar and vocals since the end of last year. Asmik Ace expects to release the film next year.