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Popular stars Joe Odagiri and Masami Nagasawa are playing siblings in the TBS drama “Boku no Imouto,” and recently there has been a lot of attention drawn to real-life siblings such as Jun and Yu Shirota, as well as Kumi Koda and misono. As a result, Oricon conducted a survey on the subject. A thousand men and women were asked, “Which famous person would you like to have as your younger brother?”

Leading the list was WaT member Teppei Koike. Among the responses were comments like “He’s really cool,” and “He’s refreshing and seems really responsible.” “Through his behavior and smile, the goodness of his personality just exudes out of him,” commented a man from Miyagi.

Koike was followed by Takeru Sato, with females commenting that they can imagine “easily getting along with him and becoming really close.” “You want to brag of having a younger brother with such a wonderful smile like his,” said a female from Kanagawa.

The complete top ten were as follows:

1. Teppei Koike
2. Takeru Sato
3. Haruma Miura
4. Ryunosuke Kamiki
5. Eiji Wentz
6. Kenta Suga
7. Ryo Ishikawa
8. Yusuke Kamiji
9. Hiro Mizushima
10. Ryosuke Yamada

The results of the “younger sister” survey will be published in a few days.