Actor Ryuta Sato (29) has just revealed that he is soon to be a father. His agency had announced on Monday that he is engaged, and during his press conference on Tuesday, Sato personally shared the happy news of his coming child.

Wearing a black jacket for the conference, Sato said that his fiancee is expected to give birth around this fall/winter. He explained that he was initially planning to propose on May 30, the opening day of the “ROOKIES” movie. But sometime before that, his girlfriend surprised him with the news that she was pregnant, so he decided to propose that same day.

Sato’s wife-to-be is a 23-year-old who is said to have briefly been in show business. The pair have been dating since the end of 2005. Their wedding day has not yet been determined, though they plan to hold their ceremony after the child is born.