Today they finally revealed the heroine and “beach hut madonna” of the upcoming movie “Ooarai nimo Hoshi wa Furu Nari” at the press conference for the 2nd Comedy Film Festivals in Taito, Tokyo. This movie is a romantic comedy about 7 different guys competing over one single girl and this lone girl is going to be played by no other than the beautiful Toda Erika.

The male cast for the 7 different characters already looked promising right from the start, not only for girls. Yamada Takayuki (25, Crows Zero 2), Yamamoto Yusuke (21, Rookies), Muro Tsuyoshi (33, After School), Oyanagi Yuu (20, Tokyo Sonata), Shiraishi Shunya (19, Gokusen), Yasuda Ken (35, Cycle Soul Apartment) and Sato Jiro (40, 20th Century Boys) – There seems to be a great variety of different kind of actors.

Toda Erika is going to play the girl called Madonna Eriko who is being surrounded by several obscure men like a narcissistic stalker (Yamada) or a late-blooming shark otaku (Yamamoto). “It’s the first time that I’m the only woman in the cast.” She commented. The choice wasn’t that difficult according to the news on the official site, because she’s one of the few actresses who is capable of being cute and cool at the same time.

With the announcement, they now officially ended the big quiz “Who will be the Madonna?” and are in the middle of drawing the winners. They also promised to update the official site with new footage including Toda’s role very soon. The movie is going to screen at the festival that’s taking place from 09/21 to 09/25. The official release is going to be around November later this year.