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The very young Fukuda Saki is still 18 years old [soon to turn 19].
She was chosen as one of the winners of the 6th ‘The Beauty Week Award’!
The annual award is given to famous celebrities with stylish hair.
The awards ceremony was held in Tokyo on September 3rd.

At the ceremony Fukuda showed off her shiny, straight hair.
She beamed as she received a bunch of flowers and a giant hair comb.
[The award is given in and around September 4th, ‘Hair Comb Day’. ‘Hair comb’
in Japanese is ‘kushi; 櫛’. ‘Ku’ and ‘shi’ could each mean ‘9’ and ‘4’.]
She expressed her gratitude to her parents for her hair, which has been
lauded by hair stylists. “I thank my parents for my hair. I can’t
 wait to tell them about the award.”

She told reporters that she works everyday to maintain her beauty.
After taking a bath, she makes sure to drink water that is not excessively
cold or hot. On her days off she tries not to wear any makeup.

“I’ll do my best to live up to this award by continuing to be a healthy,
energetic woman.”

source: music japan plus
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