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Sports Hochi reports that kabuki actor Shido Nakamura (37) and actress Meisa Kuroki (21)
recently started dating. The unexpected couple met when they worked
together in the play “Akai Shiro, Kuroi Suna” this past April.

Sources say that Nakamura began approaching Kuroki shortly after it was
decided that they would be acting together. However, they reportedly
started dating barely a month ago.

Since his divorce from Yuko Takeuchi (29) in February 2008,
the media has reported rumors of Nakamura dating various women,
including Sawa Suzuki (37) and a rekindled romance
with Tomoe Shinohara (30). Nakamura remained silent about each of
those rumors, but this time it seems that he has been openly
telling his friends about Kuroki. They were also seen at a party
looking happy while getting very close to each other.

In May 2008, Kuroki was reported to be dating a musician named KEN,
but they appear to have broken up around July of this year.