Eita / Oguri Shun

The actors Oguri Shun, Asano Tadanobu, Miyazawa Rie and Eita are all appearing in the same commercial series for the chocolate snack ‘OTONA GLICO’. In the TV ads the actors play the roles of the various characters that appear in the popular anime ‘サザエさん / Sazae-san’, but with a twist. The commercials portray the characters 25 years into the future (thus the series are dubbed ‘Isono family [last name of main character] 25 years later’). In the newest version Ikura-chan (Oguri), who is a CEO of an IT-related company, starts a conversation with Tara-chan (Eita). While chatting on Ikura-chan’s private jet, Ikura-chan suggested he is contemplating a job change. Viewers are bound to be interested in the outcome.

In the above mentioned scene Ikura-chan says “Okay, let’s go on our last flight.” He and Tara-chan go on board, and eventually fly past the Isono residence. From the plane Tara-chan manages to find Ikura-chan’s brother and sister, although they are only the size of peas. “Hey! That’s Katsuo [brother] and Wakame [sister]. Whoa, Katsuo let go of his bat [and made it sail off into the air].” As with all the other versions, the TV ad ends with Katsuo messing up while practicing baseball. The portrayal of peaceful everyday lives matches the style of the original anime.
If one looks closely at the latest version, it is possible to see how much the staff paid attention to detail. The pilot uniform worn by Ikura-chan has the words ‘Ikura’ printed on them, and his badge is made out of ‘ikura’. [‘Ikura; イクラ’ is salmon roe] Eita was especially impressed. “Above all, that ikura badge is superb.” Oguri agreed, and said it was one of his favorite items too. “Yeah. I can feel the staff’s love.”

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