Episode 162: Versailles KAMIJO’s Joke Falls Flat!?

Hi everyone! This is musicJAPANplus writer Kanako! These days the sun’s rays are getting stronger, and it really feels like spring! In Japan the week between April 29th and May 5th is called ‘Golden Week’ since a lot of national holidays are bunched up around that time. Wherever you went, there were huge crowds. For this year some people even where able to take 11 holidays in a row! Now that’s impressive.

During the Golden Week many, many concerts were held! I of course went to see several performances! One of them was held by Versailles. The vocalist KAMIJO used to be a roadie for a certain band. Which band, you ask? (For the answer go the end of this Press Note!)

I hadn’t seen a Versailles concert for almost a year. Correct: In that performance I was able to hear Jasmine Yuu play the bass which filled the avenue with his music. Seeing a backup bass player performing onstage was very difficult to describe in words. [Jasmine You died on August 9th 2009. Causes of his death have not been made public.] The impression left to me watching the concert was that the other members where walking towards the future with Jasmine Yuu by their side. KAMIJO said “I hope we can send this to our friend in heaven…” Then all the members looked up towards the sky. Since the concert took place inside a music hall, you couldn’t actually see the sky, but I was sure that in their minds they could visualize Jasmine You resting among the clouds.

As for the concert, you could hear lots of men cheering. Among all the visual-kei band concerts I’ve been to, this one attracted the most male fans, it seemed! I always thought Versailles fans where mostly females, so the concert completely changed my view! When going to a Versailles concert you mustn’t forget to bring red handheld lights in the shape of a rose. The way the male fans were waving them was particularly impressive.

To those fans KAMIJO said “You guys look cool too!” That didn’t cause much of a reaction so KAMIJO quipped “Oh, so you all think KAMIJO looks cooler, right?” KAMIJO can be serious one moment, then funny the next. That’s why the fans love him so much!

He then told the fans that he thought TERU was cool as well. Screams went up from the audience, and KAMIJO followed that up with a joke. “No, you’re supposed to say ‘Ike-teru’! [‘イケてる (ike-teru)’ means ‘He’s cool.’]…Maybe that wasn’t as funny as I thought (laugh).” Needless to say the crowd was roaring with laughter!

The concert that day, from the beginning to its end, was arranged in such a way as to resemble a single, continuous story. Time went by so fast. As always, HIZAKI’s guitar-playing was superb!! I watched the show seated near HIZAKI. I was wondering “How could he move his fingers so quickly!?” …It was truly amazing… He must have inspired lots of fans to pick up the guitar!

These are some of the things that happened during the concert, and for more about their actual performance stay tuned for the upcoming live report☆ See ya!

Oh and one last thing! KAMIJO used to be a roadie for…MALICE MIZER! So for this concert [former MALICE MIZER member] GACKT sent a bouquet of flowers☆ It’s interesting to see how different bands are related to each other. Are there any connections we might not know of? Please tell us!

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