Well, not exactly but close. The two recently appeared on Music Station, where actress Riisa Naka revealed that while they were costarring for the drama “Kami no Shizuku“, which aired back in 2009, Kazuya Kamenashi stood in front of her wearing an apron over his nude body. Apparently, she was asked “When you costarred with Kamenashi, what kind of interesting scene of him did you see and why?” Her answer was “I saw him wearing an apron over the nude body….

It seem that none of the KAT-TUN members knew about this, as several of them appeared surprised and shouted, “Really?! Are you kidding me?!” with Kouki Tanaka screaming “Hadaka apron?!” (naked apron in Japanese) several times. Kamenashi later explained, “Oh yes that one. It was a character usually wearing suits. And once I had to cook, and I cooked in the studio. However the white shirts were stained by the oil, so I took it off.

He emphasized that the staff had given him an apron and to reassure everyone, he said “I was wearing pants at that time! It was suit pants” in order to generate some laughter, but we all know that’s not true…

source: music japan plus