Recently, SCANDAL member Rina updated her twitter page with small bits of information regarding the group’s upcoming single “Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku Story“. Though she didn’t reveal too much information, but she was kind enough to answer several questions from fans, both regarding the new single and their new uniforms as well. The uniforms are the “trademark” of SCANDAL, so its no surprise that everyone is curious as to what they will look like… myself included.

Q: Can you describe the new single?
A: It’s an upbeat party tune for summer ♪ lol

Q: What about the coupling (B-side) song “SWITCH”?
A: Very real… a bit sentimental… pure… bittersweet (ya hoi: or touchy) song which I like so much.

Q: I like BEAUTeen!! uniform. How will the new uniforms look like?
A: Marine! Please look forward to it ♪

Q: What about “KOSHI-TANTAN”?
A: Super-party! Cool tune!

With an upbeat pop song for summer, it’s almost a guarantee that the single will be a big hit. Especially with the combination of Haruna’s cute and husky voice, along with the innocent voice of Tomomi. But of course, as with all artists in the music industry – there will be competition. And SCANDAL has their work cut out for them, as YUI and Sid will also be releasing new singles on the same day.

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translate credit: ya hoi @ scandal-heaven