Tsumakuki Satoshi and Matsuyama kenichi will be starring together in the movie “My pack page” by director Yamashita Nobuhiro, set in a 60s student movement. The two of them are involved in a friendly junior-senior relationship within the agency, whereas Tsumabuki is an aspiring young journalist and Matsuyama is playing the role of a student activist setting back said journalist.

Upon the beginning of the filming Tsumabuki said: “It was a time, where there was nothing anywhere and people sought the value in their existence. Either way, I hope to leave just a few foot prints in the time we are passing right now, as I am portraying our “era” together with Matsuyama”, apparently eager to start the filming.

Matsuyama also said excitedly: “It is really outstanding and I am looking forward to be playing this extraordinary character. Together with director Yamashita, Tsumabuki, our staff and the rest of the cast, we will all create a great movie.”

“My pack page” will start airing in 2011.