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welcome to jpop BLOG! … my profile yah all…

shilou here,,,  i dunno what to say so … hmmm .. heres someting..

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  • Schools:
    Paco Citizen Academy Foundation, Attended 1996 – Present, Class of 2009
  • Schools (Other):
    Paco Citizen Academy Foundation (paco Chinese School)
  • Occupation:
  • sTudent pLng poh aq..
  • Hobbies and Interests:
  • Joking around, eating, watch TV, (AsARrIn AnG mGa KaPaTiD K0H!)
  • Favorite Books:
  • Comics and many more
  • Favorite Movies:
  • The grudge 1&2 The ring 0 1&2 & many more
  • Favorite Music:
  • j-pop(especially KAT-TUN)..ahahaha..and many more
  • Favorite TV Shows:
  • that’s so raven CCS&UFO, ONEGAI TEACHER&Gakuen alice&ONEGAI TWINS&many more
  • Zodiac Sign:
  • Sagittarius
  • —- > just visit my Friendster  if you like…


    *  NewS kawaii!! *


    * ARASHI *

    Hey! Say! JUMP!

    * Hey! Say! JUMP! *



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    edited by Lychan desu


    9 thoughts on “author: Shilou-chan”

    1. NICE to meet you…………. nice blog u hav here….

    2. mametchixx said:

      hajimemashite-! I’m Hey Say JUMP and Arashi fan! lol!
      yoroshiku-! XD

    3. I Love Hey! say! JUmp 4EvEr YaMaDa RyOsUkE, YoU aRe mY bEsT iDoL

    4. woi!!! Paconian din ako!!! hahahahaha!!
      jpop addict ka pala…. akalain mu yun…..

    5. aisyah_ryonen said:

      konichiwa!!!! atashi namaewa aisyah desu… im from Malaysia….. i love you alllllll!!!!

    6. very very very shet

    7. hello guys

      I just want to say hi

    8. I just want to say hi

    9. hi there admin. i have to say that you have a incredibly nice blog(author: Shilou-chan jpop KAWAII — let’s SPREAD the jpop Luv! –) and i was actually impressed with it.i’m new to blogs and i would want to know other bloggers and learn from them. My blog( is quite new and i’m still learning to work with it. i hope i will get to know a good deal from blog owners like you. cheers for this well-written post.

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