KATTUN – White Xmass mp3
credit to : Amatsu-Kami
Suju T – Rokkugo japan version single

Lychan @ 12.16.08 –> edited

golf mike vidz

Inspiration – Golf & Mike
LINK >>>

จะไปส่งให้ถึงมื อ – Golf & Mike
LINK >>>

อยู่ไหนก็ไม่เหง า – Golf & Mike
LINK >>>

My Super Star – Golf & Mike
LINK >>>

You – Golf & Mike
LINK >>>

credit to : jerrynai6@YT

*** edited ***

4 more videos~~~
i’ve got these from random search

download direct link >>>
just copy and paste in ur browser
since i’m too lazy to find its YT link, so i just copy its link from my download manager 😀
these vids in mp4 format


link –>

credit to :
The Nuts vol 4 album
credit to : kamiki@ZD +
updated on tuesday, 11.19.2008 @ 1:45am

hello to all..

friends, visitors, etc…

this page will be dedicated to Download links from any various blogs, forums, friend blog.. or just  refferal links.. lol~.. i cant think more of anything to say.. but i hope.. none will be mad for posting those links here in my blog..

thank Uu…


so for the FIRST PART… UPDATED 10.05.2008

SHINee 1st album repackage


- checked the kpop page 

Golf-Mike new song

new song from golf – mike!!!
kawaii… thenkSz to eiji for the info and links..
although i dont know about them that much..
they are my sole favorate artist that is from thailand…
omg~!!! this is really kawaii..
[lol~.. they r not jpop.. but they r popular in jp.] offcourse..
if ur a fan.. u know that… xDD~!
golf mike – inspiration

DL Link >>>

credit to :

ANIME OST — credits to ♥ Mad † Hatter ♥ @imeem Another Scene ~ 12012 Burn ~ 12012 Howling ~ abingdon boys school Ryuusei Rocket ~ Antic Cafe Wagamama Koushinkyoku ~ Antic Cafe Obscure [Uncensored – Average Psycho] ~ Dir en Grey Yokan ~ Dir en Grey Invitation Room 102 ~awake~ ~ exist†trace Vanilla [Live] ~ Gackt Jounetsu ~ Kra little Fat Man boy ~ LM.C Genosense ~ Shoujo Lolita23q Beast of Blood ~ Malice Mizer Neo Ark ~ Phantasmagoria Meteor ~ T.M.Revolution vestige ~ T.M.Revolution [DIS] ~ the GazettE

Artist: KAT-TUN
Album: Break The Records -By You & For You- [Regular Edition]
Official Released Date: 29th April 2009
Genre: J-Pop

Tracklist @ 320kbps:
*sinle link
01. DON’T U EVER STOP [Here]
03. RESCUE [Here]
04. WATER DANCE [Here]
05. ONE DROP [Here]
06. WHITE WORLD (Solo by Nakamaru Yuichi) [Here]
07. CARE (Solo by Akanishi Jin) [Here]
08. 1582 (Solo by Kamenashi Kazuya) [Here]
09. PIERROT (Solo by Tanaka Koki) [Here]
10. HANA NO MAU MACHI (Solo by Ueda Tatsuya) [Here]
11. WIND (Solo by Taguchi Junnosuke) [Here]
12. KIMI MICHI [Your Way] [Here]
13. SHUNKASHUUTOU [The Four Seasons] [Here]
14. WHITE X’MAS (Album Version) [Here]
15. NIERO [Here]
16. MOON (Bonus Track) [Here]


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