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Jung Yup (Brown Eyed Soul) Vol.1 – Thinkin’ Back On Me

Humming Urban Stereo – xxxx

DL link>>>

Kim Dong Wan ft. Younha – Promise

DL Link>>>

all credit to absolutezero@ZD and eiji satoshi

BigBang Vol.2 – Remember

Big Bang Vol.2 – Remember

01. INTRO – 모두 다 소리쳐
02. 오, 아, 오
03. 뷹은 노을
04. 반짝반짝
05. Strong Baby (승리솔로)
06. Wonderful
07. 멍청한 사랑
08. 하루하루 (Acoustic Version)
09. 거짓말 Remix
10. 마지막 인사 Remix
11. Remember


credit to : absolutezero@ZD forum
credit to : kamiki@ZD forum


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