SUJU kawaii~~

suju T japan version


itS SUJU time again.. demo itS SUJU – T in the house yO!!

but i’ve still download it
baka na ore~~~ LOL
so here’s the links
watch it then compare it with the old one
which’s one better???
i like heechul in his LADYDRESS

i dunno which to prefer.. im stil DL it.. demo nani? eiji.. heechul did that yaoi thing wif shindoNg? ewwwwww…@@@ no way!! i guess i really dunno abt that! .. omg!! although its like common for uS! fangirls and fans to see them in pairs.. it is still … [well you know!! ] 😛 no offeNSee…

Suju T – Rokkugo (jap vers)
credit to : chocomintea@YT
credit to : sujuteuki@YT
credits to eiji


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