hi guys~ now that DBSK’s 6th year ANNIV IS COMING a certain website(TVXQwish.co.nr) made a pRoject.. this is a really cool one~ i totally support this!~! [but iam still worKing on how to do the crane fold.. T_T ] ..
anyone know the STORY… of the thousand cranes?? –

here is s0me info yeah?

Excerpt was taken from Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen Website.
Visit wikipedia’s page Thousand Origami Cranes page,
as well as Sadako Sasaki’s page,
for more information on the story of the thousand cranes.

if anyone INTERESTED AND WANNA PARTICIPATE please VISIT – TVXQwish for more details. !!
thank you~
frOm the partnership of TVXQ!Wish and ANS


1 thought on “[PROJECT]TVXQwish TVXQ’s 6th yr ANNIV!!”

  1. T_T…. come and participate YOU ALL!@!!!


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