this page is about jpop… mainly japanese pop.. relating to kattun, NewS, SMAP, ARASHI, kinkikids, hey! say! JUMP,  tackey and tsubasa… and etc… this is a place where we can post everything abt them.. latest news, gossip, and upcoming events…  you can also find where to DL your favorate music.. in a more convenient and easy way… without much a due of downloading this and that… LINKS to their fansites, forums and etc…. [regarding this matter plz ask the authors abt it.. and be happy to tell you.. 😀 ]

minna-sAn.. juSt navigatE on d Left..


all that IS n thiS bLoG nE foUnd on d LEfty…



NewS icon DNewS laundromat iconArashi BooyasmapsmapSMAPSMAPtackey and tsubasaTackey  Tsubasa 1Tsubasa Tackey  TsubasaHideaki Takizawa Hey Say JUMPhey say jumphey say jumpHey Say JUMPH albumKinki2006226 DB

breaking news iconGossip Smiley iconiconiconretardsmileyskiriKairisistersTrustyunasisters 4 lifesisters 4 lifeSisters fa life signature kawaiikawaii_cupcake.jpgKawaii Kawaii chibi Mu and ShakaKawaiikawaii

Tegoshikawaii piHmmmc5kawaiiGoShkawaiiw kawaiiPrince of Tennis chibi'sRyoKarprince of tennis live actionhiroki aibaaiba hiroki and shirota yuuDori SakuradaryomaKiriyama Rennkiriyama rennKiriyama RennKiriyama Renn

fr0M shilou-chan and Me ..[Lychan desu] we w0uLD like to…

welcome.jpg welcome to u all image by angelsaway22789

yoU all in THiS blOg~!!

thEnkS for the VIsiT….


11 thoughts on “ABOUT US!”

  1. hi hello……….

  2. kawaiiii…. love the GIFs.. and scAns…

    hopE u have morE…


  3. theNKs.. foR posTIng..

    i founD soME stuff uSeFul..

  4. 太刀:たち eu gostei de falar com você

  5. eu gostei de falar com você

    hehehehe…. i dont understanD… xDD!

  6. to: waru-chan
    .. hehehe..
    theNks .. go0d that u Do.. xDD!!
    hopE u stay on wif me.. xDD!


    to: sasyyy
    yeah xur.. i have more.
    u can also see my FS… and multiply. i have more there.

    to: daisy_kawaii

    … hello.
    how r u.. XDD!!

  7. I’m looking for Paco Citizen Academy Foundation, then I end up here. . . . . Nice site. . .

  8. Hyaaaaa, kawaii desu ne, Tyoma Kun, Hideaki Takizawa,NAruto, Its so kawaii, Arigato ne Lychan

  9. Keep Up The Good WorkRead Your Comment, Loved It

  10. anotherpairofshoes

  11. A very nice website !! Very well Done

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