hi… so New paGE… this is stictLy for image .. likes walley, screencaps, GIF images,.. and etc.. ^^


7 thoughts on “GALLERY”

  1. cheCk the subpageS ne.. on the right,…

    X sidebAr…!!


  2. so you are a japanese addict like me wow how nice can i have your friendster or your YM if you like add me otaku_sai i am an anime addict also a manga reader and a jpop addict i love arashi, kattun, hey say 7!, newS, etc. i hope you add me oh my friendster is tephanieruthremorin
    tnx. ahh you can call me sai-chan

  3. lapit na intramz nyu. . . . . dudeluck!! Mata nee!!

  4. lychan, this is nice blog, hehehe, I follow this blog to0 ^__^

  5. hai, i’m new here, can anyone tell me more about akame. this is my friendster email.

  6. hey/.// oh ~ wow.. ur new to jpop..?
    well/.// on behalf of all the jpop fans out there…

    WELCOME… to jpop..

    akame… well,… they are kamenashi kazuya and jin akanishi… both from johnny’s jimusho or what we all call johnny’s entertaiment .. they are both member of a band called KAttun,… KAME IS THE K IN KATTUN AND JIN IS THE A IN KATTUN…

    here are some stuff u can read abt akame…. – fanlisting..~ – an LJ community… all abt akame… ^_^ – also join here … hehehe if u have multiply ..


    see ayh… need to go back studying…

    I © Akame

  7. okey okey…

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