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Ratings for Sakurai Sho’s New Drama
Beats Fellow Arashi Member Matsumoto Jun

Source : Mingpao
Translated: sparkles_n15 @ http://asianfanatics.net

With the spring drama season underway, the highest rating from last week’s broadcast goes to ‘Boss’, starring Amami Yuki with 18% viewership. Ratings have also been released for four other dramas, but the overall viewership is lower than ‘Boss’. Arashi member Sakurai Sho stars in NTV’s ‘The Quiz Show’. Sakurai’s character is the host of a game show who reveals secrets from the contestants’ past. The ratings were at 14%, which beats fellow Arashi member Matsumoto Jun, who is starring in TBS’s ‘Smile’. A tanned Matsujun plays a half-Japanese, half-Filipino character alongside a mute girl played by Aragaki Yui. Ratings were only at 11.7%.

With his return to the small screen, ‘Tokyo Tower’ actor Odagiri Joe is paired with Nagasawa Masami as brother and sister in ‘Boku no Imoto’. Ratings were at 12.2%, which barely edged out ‘Smile’. TV Asahi’s ‘Meitantei no Okite’, an adaptation of Higashino Keigo’s novel and starring Matsuda Shota and Kashii Yu had ratings of 10.8%. Although Kashii Yu is up against her husband Odagiri Joe in separate dramas, both have only reached average ratings so far.